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Questions: Dear Ed, in the past I have actually read some write-ups you have blogged about preparing a home for tornado season. Since summer season is here, can you kindly remind me and all your visitors regarding some of your storm preparation suggestions?

Solution: The first and also crucial little bit of insight I can offer everybody is that if a huge climate event is heading your means and you are told to leave the area, don't stay. Have a plan and also location in place that you and your family members could follow to safely leave your aspect.

Now that we have the huge pointer out of the way, in many cases rain as well as flooding damage can be the huge problem linked with summer tornados. Below are my three Gs you can follow to assist prepare your residence for tornado season:

Rain gutters: Ensure your rain gutter system is tidy of particles and downspout extensions are set up to bring the water regarding their explanation 4 feet far from your structure.

Grading: See to it the land around your home slopes away from your foundation. Increase any kind of reduced areas to stay clear of an adverse quality.

Ground up Water: Command inbound groundwater with a sump pump system. For added defense make sure you have a backup power system for the pump. For years I have recommended standby generator systems that are installed directly to your home and come on automatically when electrical power is lost.

Profits: When solid summer season tornados come your method, a standby generator system could provide you the power.

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